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Notably good service experience

24/04/12 8:52 PM | Comments (0) | Posted By: admin

A real home town experience in a metropolitan area. A family ran operation. Made us feel warm & fuzzy. –GC-1 St. Louis, MO

One stop shop…

24/04/12 8:51 PM | Comments (0) | Posted By: admin

I recently moved and purchased several pieces from Hub Furniture.  Prices and selection were great and I was able to finance what I couldn’t pay cash for.  My entire family has had great experiences with this store. -Jose H.  Fairmont City, IL

I will be back!

24/04/12 8:50 PM | Comments (1) | Posted By: admin

I was amazed at how hard they worked to get me financed.  I had some credit troubles a while back and had been just about everywhere looking to buy a television.  They were able to help me out and I really appreciated it.  You won’t find nicer people! –Mike T.  Florissant, MO

Love this place!!!

24/04/12 8:49 PM | Comments (1) | Posted By: admin

A diamond in the rough you could say!  We purchased a living room set from there about 7 years ago.  I recently had a problem with one of my pieces.  Although it was out of “manufacturer’s warranty” they totally serviced it and charged me a ridiculously small charge for the parts only.  Needless to say, […]