Furniture Care

Upholstery Care

Frequent vacuuming or light brushing will remove surface soil and prevent the embedding of dirt and grime into the fabric, which causes abrasion and wear.
Periodic rotation and turning-over of cushions (if applicable) will keep them looking better longer.
When moving furniture, lift the item rather than “scooting” it across the floor. This prevents damage to the item’s legs & protects your flooring.

Wood Care

MOISTURE IS WOOD’S BIGGEST ENEMY! Do not use water-based furniture polish. If you don’t have proper polish, use a slightly dampened sponge or soft cloth to remove fingerprints or smudges, and IMMEDIATELY dry the area with a soft, dry cloth.
Always protect table surfaces by using coasters and placemats which are not rubber-backed, as they tend to adhere to the wood finish.
When placing decorative objects on a wood surface, protect the finish from scratches by affixing felt “patches” to the item where it comes into contact with the surface. You will find such felt patches with convenient adhesive backs at most hardware stores.
Avoid using alcohol-based products such as perfume or nail-polish remover near wood surfaces, as they can result in serious damage.
We recommend the use of protective table pads for dining room tables. These are available through Rothman, and your Sales Associate will be happy to provide the details.

Glass & Tile Care

The use of place mats and coasters will help prevent surface scratches.
Do not place hot cookware directly on the table surface.
Use a mild, water-based detergent or cleanser with a soft cloth.
Prolonged use of paper-towels can actually result in surface scratches.

Mattress Care

Frequent turning of your mattress will prevent sagging and uneven wear, resulting in increased service and more comfortable sleep.

A Word About Leather

Dust occasionally with a dry, soft cloth. We also recommend periodic reconditioning of your leather furniture. Please contact your sales associate for advice on leather care products.

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